Bullet Club dominates New Japan’s dream team

“You can’t beat me, you can’t beat us, you can’t beat the Bullet Club”. This was the statement that “Switchblade” Jay White roared throughout Tokyo’s Korakuen Hall as Bullet Club members Bad Luck Fale, Taiji Ishimori and the “Switchblade” stood triumphant over the crowd’s fallen heroes Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi, and KUSHIDA in the main event of night 10’s New Japan Pro Wrestling, World Tag League.

“This was the moment everybody was waiting for,” shouted White, alluding to the former rivals, Okada and Tanahashi who joined forces for the first time to battle Jay White, their common nemesis. “Finally Okada and Tanahashi on the same team, and they still lost.”

“We are the Bullet Club,” proclaimed White. “THE Bullet Club, not a version of it, and this is the Cut Throat Era!”

Shortly after, the victors made their way to the press conference area where Fale arrived first to share his excitement with the media.

“It’s good to be back, good to be back and doing what we do best, and that’s WINNING!” said an elated Fale, who returned to Japan from New Zealand a few days earlier. “The Bullet Club wins, as one, AS ONE” stated the ‘Under Boss’. He then ‘invited’ members of the press to join him in a celebratory applause.

The Bullet Club had more reason to celebrate, as their success over New Japan’s dream team continued the next evening at World Tag League, night 11. The group again defeated the collective headed by Okada and Tanahashi in an 8 Man Tag match. Rocky Romero joined Okada, Tanahashi, and KUSHIDA while Gedo wrestled as the BC’s fourth member. Ishimori, in spite of his injured leg, picked up the pinfall over Romero. He also gained victory for BC in the previous night when he pinned KUSHIDA.

Frustrated at the loss, Okada attempted to take his anger out on White but failed to gain revenge as the ‘Rainmaker’ and his associates were overwhelmed by the Club’s cohesiveness.

“Korakuen ….” White called out mockingly to the crowd at Korakuen Hall. “I got a special number for you, ZERO!”

“It’s now 0 and 2 to your dream team of Tanahashi and Okada together. They’ve had two matches, and two losses,” said the ‘Switchblade’.

“That’s New Japan’s dream team? Those two together?” White questioned in a sarcastic tone. “Such a long build-up, and such an anti-climax.”

“But no worries, I’m here to save the day,” he assured the fans in attendance.  “I am wrestling’s MVP.”

“Tana can’t beat me, Okada can’t beat me. Together they still can’t beat me,” said White as he wrapped up the night reiterating his resounding theme. “They can’t beat us. This is the Cut Throat Era of the Bullet Club!”

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  1. It’s now 3-0, its great to see NZ’s best at the forefront. NJPW is years ahead in regards to to showcasing NZ’s multicultural identity with Fale, Henare and Jay.

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