NJPW New Japan Cup: Night 5 Results – 13/03/2019

NJPW New Japan Cup: Night 5 Results – 13/03/2019
Okayama, Japan
Zip Arena
Commentary Team: Kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero

YOSHI blocks the Package Piledriver, Chase blocks Karma, YOSHI counters a Double Leg Takedown into the Butterfly Lock, but Chase goes to the rope, Jado with a distraction allows Chase to get the jump on YOSHI from behind & Chase throws YOSHI into the barricades, then drives the injured shoulder into the edge of the ring, YOSHI back in at 18, Chase hammers the shoulder then hits a Neckbreaker for a 2 count, YOSHI drapes Chase across the rope then hits a Running Dropkick for a 1 count, Bunker Buster blocked, Chase with a Short-Arm Lariat for a 2 count, YOSHI blocks the Package Piledriver, Chase up top, but YOSHI drags him off & Chase hits his head on the turnbuckle, Chase blocks a Superplex & ties YOSHI to the Tree of Woe and hits a Double Stomp for a near fall, Package Piledriver blocked, but Chase goes to the Sasori-Gatame aka Sharpshooter/Scorpion Deathlock, but YOSHI makes it to the rope, YOSHI blocks a Package Piledriver on the apron & Backdrops Chase on the apron, up top & hits a Blockbuster for a near fall, Chase blocks Karma then begs off as Jado comes in with the cane, YOSHI intercepts him, but Jado tosses the cane to Chase, cane to the back, Ripcord Inverted DDT then a Pump Knee for a near fall, YOSHI blocks The Jewel Heist, Karma blocked, Chase tries to run YOSHI into the ropes for Jado, but YOSHI ducks and Jado hits Chase, YOSHI with a Lungblower then wipes out Jado with a Baseball Slide, Running Basement Meteora for a near fall, Butterfly Lock, but Chase gets back to his feet and runs YOSHI into the corner, YOSHI with a Lariat & hits Karma for the win. YOSHI advances to the quarter-finals.


Taichi goes to the eyes and Ishii reciprocates, Taichi takes a walk, he comes back in at 17 & Ishii is on the offensive sending Taichi into the rails and the post, then over the rail, Taichi with a flying chair shot Sabu-style, Red Shoes didn’t see it as Ishii shoved him away, Taichi chokes Ishii with the chair and rolls in, Ishii in at 7, Football Kick, Ishii tells him to kick him again & Taichi obliges, Ishii blocks the Ax Bomber & hits a Vertical Suplex then lays the Chops in, Taichi answers back with a Leaping Enzugiri, Ishii ducks the Buzzsaw Kick, but Taichi with another Enzugiri then a Yakuza Kick, he grinds his boot into the back of Ishii’s head, Kawada Kicks, Ishii answers back with a barrage of Chops to the throat then a barrage of Headbutts, Ishii delivers some Kawada Kicks & Taichi with a Hook Kick, Stretch Plum blocked, but Taichi with a Dr Death Style Homicidal Backdrop, pants rip, he delivers a brutal Buzzsaw Kick for a near fall, Stretch Plum, Taichi thinks he’s out and goes for a cover, but only gets a near fall, Ishii blocks a Powerbomb & Backdrops him then hits a Release German Suplex, he swats the Enzugiri out of the mid-air, ducks an Ax Bomber & hits a Lariat for a near fall, Last Ride and stacks Taichi up, but only gets a near fall, Taichi ducks the Sliding Lariat and throws Red Shoes into Ishii, Jumping Enzugiri, Taichi grabs the bag at first then instead goes for the mic stand, Ishii tells him to give him his best shot, Taichi chooses against it and trades strikes with Ishii, Taichi with a Gamengiri, Enzu-Ax Bomber then a traditional Ax Bomber for a near fall, Last Ride and stacks Ishii up, but only gets a near fall, Ishii counters Black Mephisto into a Piledriver, fighting spirit, Taichi is right back up & hits a Buzzsaw Kick, Ishii with a Lariat then crushing Running Lariat for a near fall, Taichi blocks the Brainbuster, Ishii with a Headbutt, Taichi shoves the ref & kicks Ishii in the nuts, Gedo Clutch, but only gets a near fall, Ishii ducks the Superkick, then catches another Superkick, Ax Bomber of his own, Sliding Lariat, but only a near fall then finishes Taichi with the Vertical Sheer-Drop Brainbuster for the win. Ishii will face YOSHI in the quarters.


That finishes the first night of Round 2.