NJPW New Japan Cup: Night 8 Results – 17/03/2019

NJPW New Japan Cup: Night 8 Results – 17/03/2019
Tokyo, Japan
Korakuen Hall
Commentary Team: Kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero

Colt finds a roll of tape that Yano had, Red Shoes finds another, Yano with a rollup for a 2 count, Yano goes after the corner pads & Colt wants a straight wrestling match, Yano offers a present of curry, instead Colt throws it out to the crowd and rolls up Yano for a 2 count, Yano goes to the crowd and wants his expensive curry back, he sends Colt back in & tries to get back in as Colt rolls around to confuse him, Colt avoids Stomps and Elbows and rolls into a cover for a 2 count, they both try misdirection, then they both tease going after the pads, Colt with a Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors sends Yano to the floor, Yano pulls out another roll of tape, but Colt takes it and sends Yano into the rail, Colt uses the tape to tape up the corner pad in case Yano tries something, but he goes after the blue one then the red one and notices Colt out planned him, Yano ducks a pad shot and grabs one of the white pads, he tosses it to Colt, hot potato with the corner pad then they toss it to Red Shoes, Yano rolls up Colt for a 2 count, Colt blocks the nut shot, Yano blocks the Bionic Elbow, Colt trips up Yano then the Superman Leap into a pin for the win. Colt advances to the quarterfinals.


Suzuki looks for the Choke Sleeper early, but SANADA drops down to break it, Suzuki with a Headscissors, SANADA with a Handstand to escape, they trade Open-Hand Slaps, Suzuki counters The Paradise Lock, into a Juji-Gatame, but SANADA holds and tries to tie up Suzuki, but TAKA with a distraction allows Suzuki to fake-out SANADA and gets a Hanging Achilles Lock from the apron then bends the ankle across the post, he sends SANADA into the barricade, Running Boot to the knee draped across the guardrail then slams a chair into the knee, he gets in Red Shoes face, he drives more boots into the knee then knocks out one of the young boys at ringside, he sends SANADA back in at 15 and continues to stomp on the knee, back to the Achilles Lock then drags SANADA into the centre and snaps it back on, but SANADA makes it to the rope, they trade Forearms, SANADA with a Dropkick to the knee then a Dragon Screw, Dropkick sends Minoru to the floor and SANADA follows with The Pescado, he sends Suzuki back in, Suzuki with a Yakuza Kick then a Penalty Kick for a near fall, back to trading Forearms and Suzuki loves the fight that SANADA is bringing him, he levels SANDA with a brutal Forearm, he wants SANADA to bring it, they trade kicks, Choke Sleeper, but SANADA counters into Skull End, he drops down, but Suzuki rolls out and locks in the Choke Sleeper and has it in deep, SANADA tries to get back to his feet, but Suzuki takes him down and has the hooks in, Suzuki releases and covers for a near fall, pair of knees, he looks for The Gotch, SANADA blocks and counters with a Backdrop, TKO countered, Suzuki back to the Choke Sleeper, but SANADA rolls out into Skull End, he feels Suzuki is out and releases, up top, Mutoh-Style Moonsault, but Suzuki evades, SANADA lands on his feet, but his knee buckles, Suzuki is on it like a shark, Kneebar with the Dreaded Heel Hook, SANADA reaches for the rope, but Suzuki drags him back to the middle and right back to the torturous hold and has SANADA blocked from being able to turn it over, SANADA bridges all the way back into a flash pin for a near fall, but Suzuki with the Choke Sleeper, he releases, barrage of open hand slaps, Choke Sleeper, he looks to spin into The Gotch, but SANADA counters into a TKO, SANADA with a Rolling Elbow and a Saito Suplex for a near fall, Backbreaker, up top, but Suzuki grabs his ankle, SANADA fights him off, Backflip into Skull End and gets the hooks in, Suzuki fights out and grabs a Toe Hold, but SANADA goes back to Skull End, Suzuki back to the knee, now SANADA back to Skull End, they go back and forth with the holds, SANADA gets Skull End on deep, SANADA thinks Suzuki’s out and goes into a cover for a near fall, he goes up top & hits the Mutoh-Style Moonsault for the win. SANADA will face Colt in the quarterfinals.

Winner: SANADA

Round 2 is now complete and the Quarter-Finals are now set.