ROH & NJPW G1 Supercard – 06/04/2019

ROH & NJPW G1 Supercard – 06/04/2019
New York, New York
Madison Square Garden
Commentary Team: Ian Riccaboni, Kevin Kelly, Colt Cabana, Caprice Coleman, Mandy Leon, Chris Charleston & Nick Aldis

Honor Rumble:

We start with Kenny King and Minoru Suzuki

King tries Chops, but those aren’t going to cut it against Suzuki & he floors Kenny with a Forearm.

#3 Cheeseburger

Burger tryst Chops on both King and Suzuki, but they work over Burger.

#4 Beer City Bruiser

Bruiser with Jabs for everyone then chews on all 3 men’s heads.

#5 SHO
#6 Shingo Takagi

LIJ with a Senton/legdrop combo on SHO.

#8 YOH

YOH makes his way down to help out his partner, they take down Shingo then a Drop Toehold/Legdrop Combo on BUSHI.

Bruiser is tossed out for the first elimination.

#9 Shaheem Ali
#10 Rhett Titus
#11 LSG
#12 Ryusuke Taguchi
#13 Will Ferrara
#14 Chase Owens

Chase counters a Butt-Butt into an Atomic Drop.

#15 Rocky Romero

Rocky with Forever Lariats, BUSHI gets a Lariat from nearly every man in there then Rocky dumps out BUSHI for the next elimination.

#16 Milonas

Milonas goozles both of Coast to Coast and shoves them out for a double elimination.

#17 Bad Luck Fale

Fale Backdrops out Roppongi 3K for a double elimination, Burger is sent out, but Shinobi Shadow Squad catches him and puts him back in, Fale brings the Shinobis in then dumps them out.

#18 Jonathan Gresham

Suzuki dumps out Shingo for the next elimination.

#19 Tracy Williams

Fale dumps out Taguchi for the elimination.

#21 PJ Black

Suzuki dumps out Ferrara for the elimination then he takes out Chase.

#22 Jushin Thunder Liger

Liger starts uncorking Shoteis then sends out Milonas.

#23 TK O’Ryan
#24 Vinny Marseglia

Double Flapjack on Tracy then Kingdom eliminates Hot Sauce.

#25 Delirious
#26 Tomohiro Ishii

Ishii eliminates Black.

#27 Toru Yano

Yano is actually here to relieve Colt of commentary duties so Cabana can enter instead.

Colt unleashes Bionic Elbows.

#28 Hirooki Goto

YOSHI gets eliminated.

Everyone teams up to dump Fale for the elimination

#29 King Haku

Colt tries a Bionic Elbow but Haku with a Tongan Death grip, Yano is in to save Colt.

#30 The Great Muta

Muta eliminates Delirious, Yano with a turnbuckle pad shot, but Suzuki ducks and he hits Colt, then Suzuki eliminates both Yano & Colt, Muta eliminates Gresham, Suzuki takes out Goto with a Big Boot, Suzuki & Ishii go at it, Choke Sleeper, but Ishii blocks the Gotch, Juji-Gatame over the rope, but Ishii breaks it with a Forearm and eliminates Suzuki, Kingdom dumps Burger, Haku is dumped out by The Kingdom, they throw out Ishii, House of a 1,000 Horses blocked, Liger drops Vinny with a Shotei & Muta eliminates TK with a Backdrop, Liger with a Shotei, Muta with a Dragon Screw then a Flash Elbow, Kenny like a thief in the night comes from behind and dumps out Muta then Liger in quick succession for the win and gets a shot at the ROH World Title.


Muta pays him back with some Red Mist afterwards.

Winner Takes All:
ROH World TV and NEVER Openweight Championships

Cobb with a Pounce, Ospreay with Pip Pip Cheerio off the guardrail, back in the ring, Sasuke Special, but Cobb catches him, Ospreay turns it into a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT on the floor, up top, but Cobb cuts him off with a Stalling Superplex for a 2 count, Back Elbow for a 2 count, Cobb blocks a Hurricanrana & turns it into a Bearhug, Ospreay fights out then hits a Handspring Enzugiri, Tiger Feint Kick, Pip Pip Cheerio for a 2 count, Stormbreaker blocked, and Cobb with a Capture Fallaway Slam, Flying European Uppercut, Samoan Drop, nip up then a Standing Shooting Star Press for a 2 count, Ospreay with a Hook Kick, Cobb answers back with a Superkick, he charges, but Ospreay catches him with C-4, up top, Missile Dropkick to the bad shoulder, elbow pad off, Cobb ducks The Hidden Blade, Tour of the Islands countered into a Tilt-a-Whirl into a Yoshi Tonic for a near fall, OsCutter blocked & Cobb decapitates him with a Lariat, Cobb up top, Ospreay avoids the Frog Splash, Robinson Special, OsCutter blocked, Cobb tosses him onto the turnbuckle, but Will rebounds and jumps back and hits The OsCutter, but only gets a near fall, Hook Kick, Stormbreaker blocked, but Ospreay with a Cheeky Nandos Kick, he looks for an Avalanche Stormbreaker, but Cobb counters into an Avalanche Tour of the Islands then a standard Tour of the Islands to win the NEVER Openweight Title.



One of the Boys drops their feathers, Dalton slides it to him & Rush explodes out of the gate with a Shotgun Dropkick then a Bull’s Horns and a second Bull’s Horns for a quick win, this was less than a minute probably closer to 30 seconds as Rush cut through a former World Champion in mere seconds.


Dalton is distraught as The Boys try and fan him, but he shakes it off, they form the human throne for him, Dalton nods then wipes out Boy #1 with a Doctor Bomb then a Bang-a-Rang to Boy #2 as after all the losses recently Castle has finally snapped.

Juice Robinson has been left buried under a pile of chairs.

Mandy Leon joins the announcers for the Women of Honor Title Match.

Women of Honor Championship

Klein with a Samoan Drop for a 2 count, she goes to work on the knee, but Mayu counters into a Rear Naked Choke, but Klein makes it back to her feet and rives Mayu into the corner, Iwatani with a Crossbody, but Klein counters into a Fallaway Slam, she charges, but Mayu Drop Toeholds her into the turnbuckle, Klein rolls to the floor, but Mayu flies after her with a Crossbody, Mayu rolls back in, Klein drives Mayu’s shoulder into the post, Klein counters a Hurricanrana, Powerbomb, but Mayu counters into a Poisoned Frankensteiner for a near fall, Crescent Kick for a 2 count, Klein with a Release German Suplex then a Klein Line, Mayu with a Superkick then a Bridging Dragon Suplex, but Kelly’s foot was on the rope, Mayu looks for the kill, Kelly avoids the Moonsault, Klein Line for a near fall, Mayu to the second, but Kelly cuts her off with a Tenryu Style Powerbomb for a near fall, K Power, Airplane Spin into a second K Power to win the WOH Title.


Mandy leaves the commentary booth as Angelina Love and Velvet Sky (or is it Angel Williams and Talia Madison now, whichever they’re making their way down) they get in there with Klein and start talking to her, Mandy stands by Klein’s side then blasts Klein with a high heel spike to the back of the head, Angel with The Botox Injection, Jenny Rose tries to make the save, but she gets a Botox Injection, Stella Grey is in, but Talia with hairspray to the eyes and Mandy with a DDT, Mandy takes a selfie while Angel holds Klein & Talia draws an A in a circle with lipstick on Klein’s forehead, on the video the name The Allure comes up to identify these 3 (You can actually thank Madison Rayne for this. She pitched to management to bring in Angel & Talia so they could form The Beautiful People, they liked it but were going to have Angel & Talia eventually turn on her and join with Mandy to form a new version. Rayne hated that asked for her release and went back to Impact, but she set this in motion and they were going to continue with or without her).

Mega Ran comes out to perform a song he’s written for the occasion for us.

Bully Ray makes his entrance and interrupts.

Ran asks him what this is and asks to be allowed to leave peacefully. He asks what Ray’s issue is but Bully stands implacable, so he says he’s going to leave. Bully points at the crowd and Mega asks if the crowd is asking for D-Von, to which Ray says 20,000 people in Madison Square Garden want to see him kick Ran’s mothertrucking ass. He shoves the rapper and tells him to get out of his ring but Mega stands up to him, so he whips him with the chain.

He says it’s a shame what happened to Juice and so as it stands right now, his open challenge is still open!

Flip Gordon comes out and he looks in great shape.


Flip with a Superkick, Springboard Spear, Frog Crossbody, but Bully catches him with a Bubba Cutter in mid-air, he goes out and bring in a kendo stick and table, Flip with a Superkick and grabs the cane, but Silas Young & Shane Taylor runs down, they lay Flip out on the table, lights go out, Lifeblood’s Juice Robinson & Mark Haskins come out and Juice is bringing out a dumpster of plunder with him and they want to make it a 6 Man Tag.


Juice gets in Bully’s face, Bully with Jabs, but Juice comes back with some of his own then delivers The Left Hand of God to send Bully from the ring, Silas with a chair to the back of Juice, Pee Gee Waja Plunge, Haskins with a Soldier Roll, Shane with a Lariat, Flip shoves Taylor to the floor, Haskins & Flip with stereo Tope Suicidas, Bully with cane shots, Shane & Silas also armed with canes, they hold Flip at cane-point, he tells them to hit him, he has no fear, Shane canes him in the back of his head, Flip gets n Bully’s face and flips him off and slaps Bully in the face, he says he better hit him way harder than he did in Philly if he wants to stop him, Bully breaks the cane over Flip, Lifeblood are in with canes of their own and hands one to Flip, they take down Silas then Shane, Bully runs, but Juice sends him right back in, Bully says he’s sorry and that the other 2 put him up to it then delivers a nut shot, Flip canes Bully, Haskins & Flip set Bully up top, Haskins tosses a trash can lid to Bully, Flip with The Kinder Surprise into the trash can lid, Pele to Silas, Springboard, but Shane swats him out of the sky with a trash can, Taylor brings in a table, Bully must have got his bell rang he just called Shane D-Von and Taylor says he’s not D-Von, Bully with a Superbomb through the table, Lifeblood drives Bully’s nuts into the post, Silas with an Anarchist Suplex on Haskins into a chair, Haskins blocks an Avalanche Misery sending Silas into the chairs, Double Stomp into the chairs, he charges, but Shane catches him with a Pop-Up Greetings from 216, Shane grabs a pallet from the dumpster Juice brought out, Juice with a trash can to Shane’s head then a Cannonball through the pallet, Bully looks for a Powerbomb, but Flip with a cane to the back, Haskins with a Superkick, Juice with a Bodyslam, Juice & Flip splits Bully’s legs for The Wazzup Headbutt from Haskins, Bully clutches his nuts, Juice with a Spinebuster, Flip is up top & hits the 450 Splash and all 3 pile on top of Bully for the win.


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship

Dragon with a Hurricanrana sends Bandido to the floor then Ishimori follows with a Triangle Moonsault, Dragon with a Tiger Driver on Ishimori for a 2 count, he ties Ishimori to the Tree of Woe, Bandido with an Avalanche Hurricanrana, Ishimori goes From Dusk Till Dawn then Dragon with a Running Destructor de Mexicano, Bandido with a Pop-Up Ace Crusher on Ishimori for a near fall, up top, but Dragon ties him to the Tree of Woe, Double Stomp, Ishimori counters into a hurricanrana for a near fall, Tombstone Knees to Dragon for a near fall, Bandido sets Ishimori up top, Bandido with a Double Avalanche Fallaway Moonsault Slam, Dragon with a Poisoned Frankensteiner on Bandido, Knee to Ishimori sends him to the floor, he looks for the Capture Orange Crush on Bandido, he’s got him up and hits the Desnucadora to win the IWGP Jr Title.


Bandido puts the title on Dragon Lee in respect.

IWGP and ROH World Tag Team Championships

They bring out an electric chair, PCO chains himself to it as Dr Destro with a car battery attaches it to PCO’s chest to bring his Frankenstein to life. He’s Alive. ALIVE!

Briscoes jumps the Villains, PCO with a Tope con Hilo on Mark, The Villains and The Guerrillas go at it, Briscoes drag out the Villains as LIJ goes after The Guerrillas, Jado with a cane to SANADA from the floor, SANADA ties Loa in the Paradise Lock then Dropkicks his ass to break it, Brody wipes out both Briscoes with a Crossbody, Hurricanrana to Loa, Cannonball, he wipes out the other teams with a Tope con Hilo, Mark with a Tornillo wipes out Brody, Briscoes with a Running Dropkick on Tama for a 2 count, EVIL gives Tama a chair necktie and delivers a homerun swing, LIJ call for the kill, Briscoes stop a Magic Killer attempt, Jay Driller then a Froggy-Bow on SANADA, but Brody breaks it up, Cactus Clothesline, Sambo Suplex, he sets Mark up on the apron, PCO up top, Senton Atomico on the ring apron, Thunder-Fire Driver, PCO-Sault, but Guerrillas break the pin, PCO lights up Tama with Kobashi-style Machinegun Chops, Guerrillas with a Double Awesome Bomb from the ring to the concrete, but PCO sits right back up, YOU CAN’T KILL WHAT DOESN’T DIE! Brody blocks a Gun Stun, Lariat to Loa, Jado with a cane shot from the floor, Gun Stun, Guerrillas set up Brody, Superbomb connects and The Guerrillas have won the ROH World Tag Titles.


Wait what the hell? The Briscoes are fighting with Enzo Amore? Enzo has to have a death-wish if he’s picking a fight with The Briscoes, Bully runs from the back and looked to be making a be-line for Enzo & I think I caught a glimpse of Big Cass there as well.

Meanwhile, Toru Yano has come out and lived up to his Master Thief moniker has stolen the IWGP Tag Team Titles.

Yeah, that was Enzo all right as there’s a very loud ‘fuck you Enzo’ chant coming from the crowd followed by thunderous boos.

British Heavyweight Championship

ZSJ avoids a Jumping Elbow Drop and locks in a Juji-Gatame then switches to a Fujiwara Armbar, Scissor Stomp on the arm, he stomps the elbow, he sends Tana over the rope, before he skins the cat ZSJ locks in the Juji-Gatame in the rope to do more damage, Tana with a Bodyslam then up to the 2nd with a Somersault Senton for a 2 count, ZSJ blocks the Cloverleaf attempt, Slingblade countered into The Cobra Twist, but Tana reverses it, ZSJ reverses it back & Tana with a Wrist-Clutch variation into a Suplex, ZSJ with a Headscissors in the rope, but Tana fights out and hits an Elevated Dragon Screw, Cloverleaf, but ZSJ counters into a Triangle Choke, Tana counters back into the Cloverleaf & ZSJ goes to the rope, Tana with an Inverted Slingblade, up top, but ZSJ cuts him off and locks in a Kimura, he brings him back in, Pele to the arm, Tana blocks the Shoot Kick, Dragon Screw countered into a Prawn Hold for a near fall, Penalty Kick for a near fall, Zack Driver blocked, Tana with an O’Connor Roll with a bridge for a near fall, ZSJ bridges out, Tana with a Dragon Screw, ZSJ with The European Clutch for a near fall, Front Guillotine Choke, Tana counters into a pair of Twist & Shouts, Slingblade for a near fall, ZSJ blocks the Dragon Suplex he ties up Tana, Ode to Jim Breaks and has full extension, he uses his leg to trap Tana in more and adds a Half Bow & Arrow, he’s got Tana completely tied up and with nowhere to go he taps out verbally.


IWGP Intercontinental Championship

Naito sends Ibushi into the guardrail and then into the front row, he rolls back in, Ibushi back in at 11, Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Ibushi with rapid-fire strikes then a Standing Moonsault for a 2 count, Naito with a Single Leg Dropkick for a 2 count, pair of Reverse Neck/Backbreakers then a Dropkick to the back for a 2 count, he sets Ibushi up top, but he blocks, Naito tries it again, but Kota with a Pele, Ibushi looks for the Deadlift German but Naito blocks, they trade strikes on the apron, Ibushi with a Hurricanrana off the apron to the floor, back in, Springboard Double Stomp for a 2 count, Naito with a Rolling Koppu Kick then a Tornado DDT for a near fall, Naito with an Avalanche Hurricanrana then Gloria for a near fall, Ibushi avoids the Flying Forearm and hits a Lariat, he kicks Naito to the apron, Deadlift German Suplex from the apron back in for a near fall, Ibushi pulls the kneepad down, Straightjacket German Suplex for a near fall, Naito blocks The Kamigoye, Wheelbarrow, but Ibushi holds on, Naito blocks Brain Damage, Naito with a version of Brain Damage of his own for a near fall, Naito with a Poisoned Frankensteiner, but Ibushi is back on his feet, Destino connects, but only a near fall, Ibushi blocks a second one, High Kick, Boma Ye, a second Boma Ye, but only gets a near fall, Naito fights, but Ibushi with The Golden Star Powerbomb for a near fall, he keeps wrist control and hits The Kamigoye to win the IC Title.


ROH World Championship

Scurll goes right for a ladder, but Lethal Baseball Slides it into Marty, they fight over the ladder, but Air Taven wipes them both out, Lethal grabs a pair of chairs and sets them up and lays the ladder between it, Scurll sets ladders up in both corners and sends Taven into them repeatedly, but Lethal Backdrops Marty into a ladder, he dumps the ladder on Marty then throws the other ladder onto Taven, he sets a ladder on the bottom turnbuckle, Marty ties Lethal to the Tree of Woe with Lethal in the ladder then hammers the ladder with a chair repeatedly, Marty grabs another ladder and sets it up, he uses the umbrella for extra height, but Taven takes him down with a Superkick, he goes up, but Lethal drags him off and sends him into the ladder, Scurll with a Superkick to the knee, he gives Lethal a ladder necktie, Taven pulls out Marty then Flashpoint on Lethal, he sets up the ladder, but Marty takes him to the floor, Superkick off the apron, skins the cat back in, Lethal stops Marty, Figure 4 in the ladder, Taven goes up the other side, Jay releases the hold & stops Taven, he slams the ladder on Marty, Lethal with an Ace Crusher on the apron on Scurll, Taven with a Running Powerbomb on Lethal through the ladder set up on the 2 chairs near the entrance ramp, Marty sets up a ladder, Taven back in, Scurll moves the ladder to the corner, Marty with a Tiger Feint Kick, he calls for the Chickenwing, Taven blocks it & hits a DDT, Scurll stomps Taven’s fingers in the ladder, Taven blocks the finger break and hits a Corkscrew Neckbreaker on the ladder, Taven up to the top, but Scurll meets him, Superplex off the ladder to the mat, Lethal back in & gets an umbrella to the back for his trouble, Lethal Injection countered, Crossface Chickenwing, but Lethal runs him into the ladder to break the hold, Lethal goes up the ladder, Taven follows him on the same side, but Lethal knocks him back down, Scurll stops him from reaching the title, Crossface Chickenwing on the ladder, Jay fights it, Marty throws him off, Taven goes up, but Marty snaps the fingers of the left and right hand, Lethal takes out Marty’s knee, Taven reaches, but with both hands snapped he falls, Lethal Combination on Taven into the ladder, Marty avoids a charging ladder and dumps Lethal to the floor, Marty with a Gourdbuster onto the X ladders on Taven, Lethal Injection on Marty, Lethal brings out a table, Marty with a Brainbuster on the floor, Marty sets up the table on the floor, Taven with a Spear Suicida on Marty through the table, Lethal brings out another table, Lethal brings out a monster ladder with Taven on the table, Hail to the King off the ladder through the table, Marty back in with a ladder, he goes up, Lethal is following him, Taven brings out a super-sized purple ladder, Marty with a ladder to Lethal’s face, Scurll wedges a ladder into Taven’s ladder, Lethal wedges another one between the rope, Taven with a chair to Lethal then he cuts out Scurll’s legs, Taven uses the title belt at the top of the ladder to ram it into Lethal face causing him to fall onto a ladder & Taven brings the belt down to win the ROH World Title becoming only the second Grand Slam Champion, the first being Christopher Daniels.


IWGP Heavyweight Championship

Jay bails early on, back in, Okada with a Neckbreaker for a 1 count, Jay rolls to the floor, Okada sends Jay into the guardrail, Big Boot sends Jay into the front row, Gedo with a distraction and Jay with a Suplex into the guardrail, Jay back in, Okada in at 9, Jay with a Decavitator for a 2 count, Back Elbow for a 2 count, Back Suplex for a 2 count, Muta Lock, but Okada makes it to the rope, Jay blocks the Flapjack, Okada hits it on the second attempt, DDT for a 2 count, Bodyslam, up top, Jay back up, Okada rolls through, he sets Jay up top and sends him to the floor with a Dropkick, Okada sends Jay into the front row then sends Gedo over as well and wipes them both out with a Plancha over the guardrail, he sends Jay back to ringside and back in, Jay blocks the Air Raid Crash & hits the Snap Saito Suplex, Twisting Brainbuster for a near fall, Okada blocks the Ura-Nage, Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker, Jay blocks the Tombstone, Okada with the Shotgun Dropkick, up top, Diving Shotgun Dropkick for a near fall, Bodyslam, up top, Diving Elbow Drop, Rainmaker Pose, Jay blocks The Rainmaker, Jay with the Complete Shot, German Release Suplex, Blade Runner blocked, Head & Arm Suplex into the turnbuckle, Ura-Nage for a near fall, Kiwi Krusher blocked, Snap Saito from the ring to the floor, he sends Okada back in, Kiwi Krusher, but only a near fall, Okada blocks a Sleeper Suplex, Okada caught him with a Tombstone, Jay avoids the Dropkick and lights Okada up with Chops, Okada fires back with a Dropkick, he looks for the kill, Gedo up, Okada takes him down, Dropkick, Rainmaker countered into a Sleeper Suplex, Jay calls for the kill, Blade Runner countered, Tombstone countered, Sleeper Suplex countered, Dropkick to the back of the head, Blade Runner countered into a Rolling Rainmaker, Rainmaker connects, but only a near fall, Tombstone countered into Blade Runner, but Jay can’t follow up, Gedo with a distraction, Jay uses it for a nut shot, Blade Runner countered into a German Suplex & Okada holds on Rainmaker countered, Backslide countered, Rainmaker countered, Blade Runner countered, Backslide countered, Rainmaker ducked, Dropkick connects, Rainmaker blocked, Okada holds on and hits a Rainmaker, but he’s not done, another Rainmaker, still not done, Rainmaker countered, Blade Runner countered into That’s Incredible and a final Rainmaker to win back the IWGP Title for the 5th time.