Aaron Solow – Fale Dojo at NJPW Southern Showdown

Aaron Solow is a recent graduate of the Fale Dojo three-month pro wrestling training course. During which he competed in the main event of the first two ‘Fale Dojo Exhibition’ shows. Solow, a ten-year pro from South San Francisco, California has wrestled all over the United States, as well as in Canada, Mexico, Ireland and England, prior to his arrival at Fale Dojo this past February. Solow developed a high impact style while also gaining a Mixed Martial Arts arsenal when he trained with Tony Kozina and Davey Richards in St. Louis, Missouri 2012. Solow’s involvement in MMA allowed him to integrate the discipline into his craft, and previous to becoming a pro wrestler, Solow had an extensive background in Tae Kwon Do. However, the most valuable asset to Solow’s skillset is the ‘strong style’ genre that he became immersed in during his training at Fale Dojo. Aaron Solow will have his opportunity to display his refined repertoire when he debuts for New Japan Pro Wrestling at the upcoming ‘Southern Showdown’ tour of Australia.

“I’m feeling very excited and honoured to be on the Southern Showdown tour,” said Solow, thrilled and humbled over his forthcoming appearance with New Japan as well as his first time in Australia.

“I’m looking forward to debuting for NJPW and to perform in Australia for the first time. It’s my chance to show that I belong in a major company.”

Solow first became enlightened with NJPW due to his close association with Davey Richards and Bad Luck Fale, both of whom competed for the promotion.

“My interest in New Japan started in 2012,” Solow recalled. “I was very unaware of New Japan until I met Davey Richards and Fale-San.”

Solow also spoke about his desire to work towards his ambition of becoming a member of the NJPW roster. Part of which involves him using the initiative to observe matches of the New Japan talent.

“My goal after the tour is to earn a permanent spot on the New Japan roster,” stated Solow.

“I study all of the NJPW wrestlers so that when the time comes to step in the ring with any one of the talent, I will be prepared.”

Solow competed recently at an event in Austin, Texas. This was an opportunity for the young lion to apply his training that he learned at Fale Dojo, an experience that served him well, Solow explained.

“The training at Fale Dojo helped me approach my recent match differently,” said the Dojo graduate. “I felt a lot more confident and comfortable and definitely conditioned better than I ever had been.”

As Solow embarks on his quest to become a member of the New Japan roster, his long-time partner Bayley is an established women’s wrestler with the WWE. Solow shared some of the challenges of being in a long distance relationship with different schedules and how he and his partner have overcome those difficulties.

“Pam (Bayley) and I have stayed together because we learned early on in our relationship to trust each other,” he explained.

“We’re both very supportive of each other and if we are apart, we always make time to FaceTime or talk on the phone at some point in the day.”

Aaron Solow’s commitment to his relationship and his career in professional wrestling demonstrates the necessary ambition, character and commitment that is needed to succeed not only in wrestling but in life as a whole. Wrestlers should aspire to follow the examples set by Aaron Solow during his storied career lasting many years and that his attitude has allowed him to embrace the Fale Dojo training and its teachings as a humble and respectful gentleman. These attributes he maintained throughout his training made Toks Fale and the staff take notice of him and the respect would become mutual. However, the villainous persona that Solow embodied at the first ‘Exhibition’ show illustrated his impeccable ability in the ring. Combining his skills, work ethic and commitment to the wrestling business, Aaron Solow clearly has the potential to go on and achieve his goal as a member of the NJPW roster.

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Fale Dojo at NJPW Southern Showdown