NZ Dojo Lion’s Roar Docuseries Now Streaming On NJPW World

Lion’s Roar, a New Japan Pro-Wrestling docuseries based on New Japan’s New Zealand Dojo is now available on the NJPW World streaming service.

Lion’s Roar is a weekly docuseries that follows young hopefuls of the NZ Dojo professional wrestling training course as they compete for a prestigious contract with New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Toks Fale, Head Coach of the NZ Dojo, and Executive Producer of the series developed the concept of Lion’s Roar.

“After the first few intakes, I realised how tough it was for the trainees mentally and physically to go after their dreams of becoming wrestlers,” said Toks Fale.

Since the Dojo’s inception in 2016, students have travelled locally and from all over the world to be mentored by Fale and his coaching staff. In chasing their goals, the students must learn to live and train together.

“Every intake brings different types of talent and drive,” Fale explained. “This inspired me to show the world the battles these trainees have to go through. The viewers can expect to get a glimpse into the world of NJPW behind the shows.”

Joining Toks Fale in leading the hopefuls through the rigorous and intense training is his coaching staff of the NZ Dojo. The coaches include Tony Kozina (Pro-Wrestling Head Coach); Mark Tui (Coach, Dojo graduate); and Tangi Ropati (Strength & Conditioning Coach).

The intake is made up of students from parts of NZ, Australia, and the United States. The experience of the collective is further enhanced by their diverse cultures and backgrounds. This group consists of Michael Richards, Andrew Villalobos, Lloyd Morgan, Will Averill, AJ Visagie, Jake Taylor, Richard Mulu, Eli Taito, Daniel Puru, Tumanako Te’i, Sebastian Matters, Warren Thomas Walters, Tim Hayden, and Mitch Ryder.

Lion’s Roar is produced by Tusitala Media Ltd and One Island Films. The production team consists of Will Voigt (Executive Producer) alongside Toks Fale, Danny Aumua (Director and Producer), and Hans Masoe (Producer).

About NZ Dojo (Fale Dojo)

Fale Dojo is a professional wrestling training school and fitness facility based in Otahuhu, Auckland, New Zealand. The Dojo is an official part of the New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) training system, known internationally as NJPW NZ Dojo.

Founded in 2016 by Head Coach Toks Fale, Fale first came on to the wrestling scene as the first non-Japanese young lion to train through the entire New Japan Dojo in Tokyo in 2009 before making his NJPW debut on 4 April 2010. Known professionally as the “Rogue General” Bad Luck Fale, his status was elevated in 2013 when he became one of the founding members of Bullet Club. Regarded as the hottest faction in pro wrestling, Bullet Club has maintained its dominance in the wrestling world for a decade, due partly to Fale’s reputation as the Club’s revered enforcer.

Toks Fale’s passion is to give back to his community. He envisioned Fale Dojo as a way of sharing his experience and knowledge with the goal of presenting professional wrestling as a viable career opportunity. Toks Fale’s reputation helped secure an affiliation between Fale Dojo and New Japan Pro-Wrestling allowing graduates from the Dojo’s three-month professional wrestling course to pursue further training at the New Japan Dojo. From there, they can pursue the opportunity to gain a spot on the NJPW roster.

The chance to gain Fale’s insight has drawn in many locals, as well as attracted students from all over the world. Notable alumni include “Switchblade” Jay White, Aaron Henare, Hikuleo, Robbie Eagles, Aaron Solow, and Yuto Nakashima.

As a local fitness facility, Fale Dojo is equipped to offer a wide variety of classes in BootCamp and Boxing to the public aimed at building up people’s fitness, their self-confidence, and supporting their journey and personal development. The trainers are experts in their disciplines who relish the opportunity to pass on their knowledge and understanding. The Fale Dojo coaching staff reflect New Zealand’s rich and multi-layered cultural identity; they are equipped and ready to welcome people from all walks of life.

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