Oskar – The Odyssey Continues

Since arriving on the wrestling scene in November 2021, Fale Dojo / NZ Dojo graduate, Oskar Münchow has been working his way up the ranks of Germany’s Westside Xtreme Wrestling.

Münchow joined wXw as an unknown newcomer, starting in the organisation’s developmental system, known as the Academy. It was at this place where Münchow honed his craft on top of what he accomplished at Fale Dojo in 2019, and the NJPW Dojo in 2020.

Photo by Katja Hoffmann.

It did not take long before young Münchow caught the attention of his peers and fans alike. His rise through the Academy began after defeating fellow rookie, Goldenboy Santos in December at the wXw Anniversary show.

Soon after, Münchow participated in a battle royal alongside other fellow rookies. The winner would be given the incentive to challenge for the Academy Cup – the championship for which the newcomers compete, held by Santos.

Photo by Katja Hoffmann.

Emerging victoriously from the battle royal, Münchow went on to defeat his Goldenboy rival, on March the 5th, at the organisation’s premier event, 16 Carat, to win the wXw Academy Cup. This marked the first of many milestones for Münchow, the young lion from Hamburg.

“I fought a very hard battle against Santos,” said Münchow, reflecting on his landmark achievement. “I was very proud to be among one of the best rookies in European wrestling and representing wXw, the largest European league.”

“During the 16 Carat weekend, I talked to many promoters,” he revealed. “Don’t be surprised if you see me pop up in other European promotions soon.”

Photo by Katja Hoffmann.

To mark the significance of the occasion, Münchow sought the expertise of a fellow Dojo graduate in designing a specialised custom-made Fale Dojo shirt to debut at the event.

“I immediately knew I had to represent Fale Dojo once I found out I would be at 16 Carat,” said Münchow. “I got in touch with Michael-San [Richards] and asked him about a custom gold Fale Dojo design to match the 16 Carat gold event.”

The Fale Dojo shirt as well as other uniforms and references have been proudly worn by students throughout Japan, the United States, and Australia. This was the first time the Dojo’s symbol would be worn by a student in Germany, and to a greater extent, Europe.

He continued: “Michael-San immediately helped me out. Thanks to him, it made me so much more confident wearing that shirt. There are so many talented alumni who came up through Fale Dojo. I’m proud to be part of that group.”

Fale Dojo, 2019.

Fale Dojo has been with Münchow every step of the way, offering wise counsel from the other side of the world.

“I have been FaceTiming regularly with Tony-San [Kozina],” Münchow shared.

“Tony-San’s advice the past few weeks has been a gamechanger for me,” he explained. “We go over my past matches and he gives me tips and advice going forward.”

Münchow added: “I also talk to [Toks] Fale-San, he keeps me motivated and gives advice as well. Altogether I wouldn’t be where I am now without my Senpais.”

Toks Fale and Tony Kozina – NZ Dojo coaches (NJPW Lion’s Roar docuseries)

Münchow made a cameo appearance on the NJPW docuseries, Lion’s Roar, which captured coaches Toks Fale and Tony Kozina having a discussion with their student.

“I enjoy the concept of Lion’s Roar. It’s a good insight into what the training at NZ Dojo is about,” Münchow noted. “The training has evolved from when I was at the Dojo.”

“Every person on Lion’s Roar gets pushed to their absolute limit every time they train,” he observed. “I’ve seen some potential there, and to be honest I want to fight all of them!”

“New Zealand had a massive impact on me in every way,” Münchow recalled of his year-long training at Fale Dojo. “The experience changed the way I looked at wrestling completely. It also impacted my discipline.”

The graduate added: “After training at the Dojo, I was able to dig into new levels, and I will cherish that forever.”

Moving forward, Münchow plans to take on all opponents with the utmost integrity. Münchow’s next challenger will lead him outside wXw and beyond Germany to the Passion Pro organisation in Hungary, where his opponent awaits his arrival on April 10.

“I intend to wrestle anyone who is willing to step up to me,” said Münchow, whose arsenal consists of intensity, fighting spirit, and strong style. “I will be facing a Hungarian wrestler, Gulyas Junior at Passion Pro 4.”

“Gulyas is a hard-hitting heavyweight who has intensity and is very athletic,” stated Münchow, cautious of his opponent’s background, although the young lion is confident of his incredible attributes. “I said I would take on all challengers, and I stand by my word!”

“The big goal is of course to resume my training at the NJPW Dojo,”  he said of his long-term aspirations.

“I aim to debut in Japan very soon,” Münchow shared in closing. “I can’t wait to see my Dojo brothers, Yuto [Nakashima], Michael [Richards], Andrew [Villalobos], and Jake [Taylor] once again. I plan to use my experience to make my way through all the lions and become the best lion in New Japan Pro-Wrestling.”

Fale Dojo

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