NJPW New Japan Cup: Night 1 Results – 08/03/2019

NJPW New Japan Cup: Night 1 Results – 08/03/2019
Tokyo, Japan
Korakuen Hall
Commentary Team: Kevin Kelly and Don Callis

They go over the announcement that Jushin Thunder Liger is retiring in the Tokyo Dome next year

Then we get the coming soon video of El Phantasmo as the newest Bullet Club member

Nakanishi with a Big Splash for a 2 count, YOSHI goes after the leg, Nakanishi grabs the rope, they trade chops, Nakanishi with a Body Slam then a Knee Drop, but YOSHI evades and goes back to the leg, YOSHI with a Dropkick to the knee then The Head Hunter for a near fall, Body Slam, up top, but Nakanishi cuts him off & hits a Superplex, Nakanishi with a Slingshot Plancha, he sends YOSHI back in, up top & hits a Diving Crossbody for a near fall, Argentine Backbreaker, but Yoshi grabs the ref, Nakanishi with The Hercules Cutter, but the ref was down, Nakanishi is not happy with Red Shoes after that and hits a Shotei on YOSHI, YOSHI with a Running Lariat, but only gets a 1/2 a count, he charges, but Nakanishi with a Spear for a near fall, YOSHI blocks another Hercules Cutter and grabs him in The Butterfly Lock, but Nakaniahi blocks it, YOSHI with a Superkick then a Running Meteora for a near fall, Butterfly Lock & Nakanishi taps out and YOSHI advances to Round 2.


After Iizuka retired Taichi is now carrying the blue bag that contains the Iron Finger, Honma takes Taichi over the guard rail before sending him back in the ring, Taichi avoids The Kokeshi & hits a Buzzsaw Kick for a near fall, Honma grabs at the neck, Taichi grabs a chair & shoves Red Shoes out of the way, then cracks Honma with the chair and wraps the chair around Honma’s neck, Honma back in at 18, he’s again clutching at the neck, Honma with a Bulldog then The Kokeshi, Vertical Suplex for a 2 count, Taichi with the pants rip, Honma avoids the Superkick, but Taichi with a Leaping enzugiri, Kawada Kicks, Honma blocks The Last Ride, Honma with a Headbutt then a Lariat, Fire Thunder Driver for a near fall, up to the second with The Kokeshi, but only gets a near fall, all the way up top, Taichi pulls Red Shoes down and hits a Leaping Enzugiri, he goes after Honma, Honma with an Avalanche Sunset Bomb for a near fall, Rocket Kokeshi for a near fall, flash pin for a 2 count, Taichi with a Lariat for a near fall, Stretch Plum, but Honma makes it to the rope, Backdrop Driver, but only a near fall, back to the Stretch Plum and Honma taps out. Taichi advances to Round 2.


Chase avoids The Tastes & hits a Russian Leg sweep into the barricade, then sends Juice into the rails repeatedly, Chase slides back in & looks for a count out, Juice back in at 14, Chase with a Snap Suplex for a 1 count, Sleeper, Juice fights out, Juice with a Bulldog then a Leaping Senton for a 2 count, Juice goes for a Cannonball, but Chase Backdrops Juice over the top to the floor, Juice blocks a Package Piledriver on the floor then sends Chase into the barricade, Juice charges, but Chase counters with a Superkick then a Snap Suplex into the barricade, back in the ring, Running Knee Strike for a near fall, Chase goes for The Juice Box, but Juice blocks & hits The Taste, jabs, Chase blocks The Left Hand of God, Chase with a Cradle Backbreaker, Standing Gourdbuster then a Superkick for a 2 count, Juice blocks the Package Piledriver & backdrops Chase to the apron then blasts him with The Left Hand of God, Juice with a Slingshot Plancha then a Cannonball off the apron, Chase sends Juice face first into the barricade then pulls up the protective mats, he looks for a Package Piledriver on the hard wood floor, but Juice counters with a backdrop, both men back in at 18, Juice with The Cannonball, up top, Chase ducks the Crossbody, Double Knee Gutbuster for a near fall, Juice blocks the Package Piledriver, flash pin shades of Bulldog/Bret for a near fall, they trade flash pins, Chase ducks the Left Hand of God and rolls Juice up with his feet on the ropes, but Red Shoes catches him, he gets in Red Shoes face, but Red Shoes slaps him, Pulp Friction blocked, Chase turns it into a pin, but he’s holding the rope, Red Shoes catches him & kicks his arm to break the grip, Juice with the Sunset Flip for a 2 count, Pulp Friction blocked, Knee Lift, Jewel Heist for a near fall, then hits The Package Piledriver for the win. Chase will face YOSHI in Round 2.


Shoulder Block/Big Boot war, Nagata takes Ishii down and works on the arm, Football Kick, but Ishii is right back up, Nagata with Forearms & Ishii answers back with a barrage of Headbutts, Nagata tells Ishii to give him his best shots with his Chops then Ishii wants Nagata’s Forearms, Ishii then delivers Chop/Forearm combos, Ishii blocks an Exploder Suplex, but Nagata with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex, Nagata looked for the Fujiwara, but Ishii slips out and they trade Forearms, Ishii with a Running Lariat then a barrage of Shoot Kicks, back to the chops, Nagata with Shoot Kicks, Ishii takes Nagata’s best kicks & answers back with a Forearm, Nagata with a Twisting Suplex then puts him up top, Avalanche Exploder blocked, Ishii with Forearms, Sunset Flip into a Running Last Ride, he sets Nagata up top, Avalanche Stalling Suplex for a 2 count, he takes the elbow pad off & hits a Northern Lariat, Nagata with a Fujiwara Armbar as the eyes rolls back into Nagata’s head, Ishii rolls into the rope, Nagata with Shoot Kicks on the arm, Shoulder Armbreaker, Justice Knee, he sets Ishii up top, Avalanche Exploder Suplex for a near fall, Brainbuster for a near fall, Ishii blocks a Backdrop Driver & hits a Release German Suplex, Nagata back up with an Exploder Suplex, Ishii back up, Nagata with a Rolling Koppu Kick, they trade slaps, then Forearms, Nagata drops Ishii, Ishii blocks a Shoot Kick & delivers a Headbutt, Rolling Lariat, then a Running Lariat for a near fall, Nagata blocks the Brainbuster and hits a Backdrop Driver for a near fall, Ishii blocks another, but Nagata with a Release German Suplex, Mid Kick for a near fall, Ishii blocks the Wrist-Clutch Exploder, Nagata pulls the knee pad down, Ishii with a Lariat, but only gets a 1 count, Enzugiri then a Sliding D for a near fall, Ishii finishes it with The Vertical Sheer-Drop Brainbuster for the win. Ishii will face Taichi in Round 2.


Night 1 Ends.