Fale Dojo Young Lions Tome and Stevie Filip join NJPW Dojo

Tome and Stevie Filip

Fale Dojo is very pleased to announce that two more graduates are heading to the New Japan Pro Wrestling Dojo in Tokyo. Brothers, Tome and Stevie Filip from the 2019 February intake are set to be part of New Japan’s revered training system beginning in September.

Toks ‘Bad Luck’ Fale, founder and Head Trainer of Fale Dojo reflected on the Filip brothers’ determination to excel in the Dojo’s three-month pro wrestling course which he added did not take away from their kind nature and observant behaviour.

“Although Tome and Stevie were hungry and aggressive for success, they are very humble,” said Fale. “They listened and executed when they were given advice.”

Fale also noted the confidence the Dojo coaches have in these two Young Lions as they embark on their new journey to Tokyo and beyond.

“Based on their accomplishments at Fale Dojo and the guidance they will receive in Japan, we definitely look forward to what the future holds for these boys,” stated the ‘Rogue General’.

The Filip brothers were delighted after being informed of their acceptance to the New Japan Dojo upon their return home to Australia. While they anticipate working their way through the NJPW Dojo, they also acknowledged that their time at Fale Dojo served them well.

“We are ecstatic,” expressed Tome. “We are looking forward to climbing the ladder from the moment we enter the doors of the New Japan Dojo. We know now that our hard work at Fale Dojo has paid off.”

The journey to Fale Dojo was challenging for the Filip brothers who persisted in pursuing the Dojo during three try-outs before they were awarded a place in November 2018.

“We were inspired to keep trying out for Fale Dojo because we knew that this was the right pathway,” said Stevie explaining their motivation to chase their dream through the Dojo.

“We were also drawn to Fale-San’s drive and passion to establish a place for people like us and many others in Australia and NZ to have a chance at wrestling in Japan.”

“We are so glad to have trained at Fale Dojo,” Stevie added.

The Filip’s admission to Fale Dojo required them to relocate to Auckland. This meant having to give up their day jobs and leave their family behind. Nevertheless, the brothers went with the blessing of their support system as this was all in the pursuit of an opportunity to become professionals on the international stage.

“We both quit our jobs, left our family and loved ones for a period of time,” explained Tome. “But everyone understood and it was for the better.”

Tome and Stevie Filip have made their excitement known about their move to Tokyo. However, these gentlemen will leave remembering with gratitude the lessons and memories at Fale Dojo which has equipped them to prepare for their next feat at the New Japan Dojo. It is an experience that they would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who wants to start or further their education in professional wrestling, regardless of background, ability or experience.

“We can’t express enough how amazing Fale Dojo is for anyone at any stage of their wrestling career,” said Stevie.

“Whether you haven’t started wrestling or if you think you’re a seasoned vet, this is the place to go to learn how to become a real fighter and a true professional.”

“What we learnt at Fale Dojo was more than we expected,” said Tome in closing. “We are eternally grateful for the experience and opportunity that was given to us.”

Fale Dojo

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