Fale Dojo Scholarship – Giving Back to the Islands and Creating Opportunities

Fale Dojo is proud to announce the first Fale Dojo Scholarship for the Pacific Islands. This initiative will give student-athletes in the Pacific the opportunity to train for the world of professional wrestling at the Fale Dojo training school in South Auckland, New Zealand.

Toks Fale, the founder and Head Trainer of Fale Dojo recently travelled to the Kingdom of Tonga where he officially established the award at Tonga College in Nukualofa, Tongatapu.

“It was exciting to work with Tonga College in creating the Fale Dojo scholarship,” said Fale a former elite rugby player in New Zealand and Japan prior to his journey in becoming a pro wrestler.

“Tonga College have a system in place to take their rugby players to play in Japan.”

“I wanted to create another pathway for students that didn’t make the rugby team and give them an opportunity to apply their skills to pro wrestling.”

Fale Dojo expanding into the South Pacific is a vision that Toks Fale shared almost a year ago, in the interest of sharing his wrestling experience with his fellow Pasifika people.

Upon graduating first from Fale Dojo, in addition, the scholarship would also likely allow students to advance forward to the affiliated New Japan Pro Wrestling Dojo in Tokyo for further training, Toks Fale noted.

“If the students are successful at completing the three-month pro wrestling course at Fale Dojo, then the opportunity to go to Japan will be open to them.”

Fale also confirmed that the Fale Dojo’s expansion to the Pacific Islands is not only an exciting time for the Dojo itself as it continues to expand throughout the Southern Hemisphere, but it also has tremendous opportunities for New Japan Pro Wrestling. It provides NJPW with an opportunity to expand into new markets in the Southern Hemisphere and also the exciting prospects of finding talent in markets largely ignored by other professional wrestling companies.

“We expect to include scholarships in Samoa and Fiji in the very near future,” Fale stated. “This will be an expansion for Fale Dojo and New Japan Pro Wrestling.”

Established in 2016 by Head Trainer Toks Fale, Fale Dojo is based in South Auckland, New Zealand. Toks Fale first came into the wrestling scene as the first non-Japanese to successfully train as a Young Lion (rookie) at the New Japan Pro Wrestling Dojo from 2008 to 2009, before his 2010 debut in NJPW. Known professionally as the “Rogue General” Bad Luck Fale, his wrestling status was elevated in 2013 when he became one of the founding members of Bullet Club. Regarded as the hottest faction in pro wrestling, Bullet Club has maintained its dominance in the wrestling world for over half a decade, due partly to Fale’s reputation as the Club’s revered enforcer.

Notable graduates to emerge from Fale Dojo include “Switchblade” Jay White, Toa Henare, Gino Gambino and Robbie Eagles. Fale’s passion is to give back to his community, to share his experience and knowledge of the wrestling profession and to instil the teachings required to become a successful professional wrestler.

Fale Dojo is an official training system of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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