Fale Dojo Exhibition #3 Recap

The third Fale Dojo ‘Exhibition’ event was held this past Labour weekend. The event consisted of seven matches which involved coaches and students from all levels of experience such as coaching staff, graduates, the young lions from the current September intake and a representative from the general wrestling class. The bouts were officiated by Lloyd Morgan, and founder and Head Trainer, Toks ‘Bad Luck’ Fale observed his students from the audience.

Mark Tui (Auckland, NZ) vs. Sam Davis (London, England):

The opening match featured Mark Tui, the Fale Dojo General Manager and Coach taking on Sam Davis, the young lion from London, England. Tui immediately imposed his will onto Davis the young babyface with a lock-up that led him back into the corner. While controlling the pace, Tui executed some vicious chops and strikes as he trash-talked his prey.

Davis made several valiant attempts to come back, however, Tui’s maniacal demeanour overwhelmed the courageous trainee. A very vocal and cocky Tui added his own commentary, referring to his opponent as ‘little Sammy’ while also exchanging unpleasant words with the audience.

However, Tui the aggressor underestimated his opponent. As he went to attempt a suplex on the young lion, Davis found an opening, he slipped behind Tui and countered into a schoolboy roll up as referee Morgan made the three count.

Winner: Sam Davis

Jordan Allan-Wright and Yuto Nakashima.

Jordan Allan-Wright (Auckland, NZ) vs. Yuto Nakashima (Gifu, Japan):

Jordan Allan-Wright and Yuto Nakashima both brought intense strong style energy to their match. Nakashima appeared to the audience’s approval. Nakashima and Wright began the bout with a display of mat-based submission wrestling that eventuated to Nakashima dominating Wright with his brute-force strong style strikes including some of his championship MMA strikes.

Wright endured Nakashima’s presence, waiting for his opportunity which came as the Japanese lion charged at Wright in the corner, Wright dodged out of the way as Nakashima collided into the turnbuckle. Wright grounded his fellow lion with a snapmare and proceeded with a chin-lock to tame his opponent as the audience clapped in support of Nakashima.

Feeding off the crowd’s support, Nakashima fought his way back to his feet, and as Wright released the hold to bounce off the ropes, Nakashima met him with a back elbow to the face. The lion from Gifu, Japan was re-energised and hit back with a succession of strikes and then delivering a massive body slam. Nakashima went for a second slam, however, the savvy Wright, hopped behind while Nakashima had him in the air, taking down his opponent with a schoolboy roll-up pin attempt which Wright countered into a Boston crab in the middle of the ring leading to Nakashima tapping out

Winner: Jordan Allan-Wright

Mark Tui and Richard Mulu (Auckland, NZ) vs. Sam Davis and Patrick Schischka (Auckland, NZ):

This tag team match featured wrestlers with different levels of experience. Richard Mulu from the General Wrestling classes joined Tui to go up against Fale Dojo and NJPW Dojo graduate Patrick Schischka and Sam Davis. Tui was looking to settle the score with the young Davis after the upset victory that the English lion pulled off in the opening match.

Davis, feeling confident insisted to his elder Schischka that he start the match for his team to which Schischka approved. Tui immediately unleashed his menacing aggression on Davis driving him into his corner before introducing him to the powerhouse Richard Mulu. Once Mulu was tagged in, he delivered some heavy strikes to Davis as the audience reacted with great concern. “GET YOUR ASS UP,” Mulu demanded with such bass and authority in his voice; the intimidating type you would only hear playing on a Dr Dre track! With the fear of the crowd in the palm of his hands, Mulu continued his assault, chopping Davis in the chest. “THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOUR CHEST IS WHITE, IT’S SO PALE,” Tui shouted from the corner. Tui and Mulu exchanged turns punishing young Davis.

The fighting spirit in Davis suddenly emerged giving him enough strength to fend off Mulu to escape into his corner where Schischka was tagged in. Schischka the graduate struck away at Mulu which backed him into the corner, Schischka then picked up Mulu and delivered a thunderous bodyslam as the crowd erupted in cheers. Schischka went to make a pinfall but the count was broken up by Tui. Schischka tagged in Davis, and together they swing Mulu against the ropes and dropped him with a double elbow. Davis then battled Mulu while Schischka brawled with Tui outside of the ring. Mulu regained control on Davis and delivered a running powerslam. Tui re-joined his fellow Samoan, Mulu in the ring where executed a double suplex on Davis. Mulu followed up with a devastating big splash to pick up the three count.

Winners: Richard Mulu & Mark Tui

Fale Dojo Head Trainer, Tony Kozina entered the ring to address the crowd with pleasantries. Kozina’s demeanour soured when he questioned the student’s heart and passion. Kozina, the 20 plus year veteran and multiple-time champion put out an open challenge to anyone that was willing to wrestle him. Kozina singled out someone in the crowd, however, when the invitation was declined, Fale Dojo young lion, Veni ‘Big Juicy’ Finau who was sitting in the audience stood up to answer Kozina’s call.

Tony Kozina (Oregon, USA) vs. Veni Finau (California, USA):

As Veni Finau stepped inside the ring, Tony Kozina realised that he was outsized tried to get out of the match. Finau hit Kozina with some clubbing blows, however Kozina, the wily veteran combatted Finau’s size and strength with some rule-breaking tactics, a thumb to the eye, leading to Kozina throwing his own set of strikes. The tables turned when Kozina head-butted the big Tongan, yet Kozina would go for a second headbutt which he regretted, Kozina fell face first on the mat. Kozina became desperate to gain the upper hand that he gave Finau a low blow which referee Lloyd Morgan spotted. Morgan immediately called for the bell and awarded the match to Finau by Disqualification.

Winner: Veni Finau

Oskar Münchow (Hamburg, Germany) vs. Jake Taylor (Melbourne, Australia):

This match pitted the two biggest lions in class. Oskar Münchow and Jake Taylor walked towards each other from their opposite corners of the ring where they met eyeball to eyeball in the centre.

They engaged in a very fierce lockup before breaking and resuming their lock-up until Taylor broke the succession with a strike, this confirmed him as the aggressor. Münchow returned with his own strike which turned into an exchange of chops. Taylor, however, broke the exchange with a knee to Münchow’s stomach.

The hero/villain comparison was complimented by the contrast in the lions voices while they often made noises during the match. The younger Münchow had a higher voice to his older opponent Taylor whose lower tone demonised his tactics whenever he was on the offence. Taylor’s attempt to suplex Münchow backfired when the young German reversed the hold which received an applause from the crowd.

Münchow and Taylor both dropped each other with a double clothesline. After getting back on their feet Taylor again reverted to hitting Münchow with his knee to the stomach. The Australian big man lifted Münchow on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position, but Münchow hopped off behind Taylor and ran against the ropes, Taylor turned around as Münchow charged with bigfoot which dropped Taylor to the mat. As Taylor lay in the middle of the ring, Münchow hit a massive leg drop and picked up the three count.

Winner: Oskar Münchow

Liam Fury, Toks ‘Bad Luck’ Fale and Patrick Schischka.

Liam Fury (Taupo, NZ) vs. Pat Schischka:

Graduates Liam Fury and Patrick Schischka returned to the Fale Dojo following their three-month training at the New Japan Dojo. This was, of course, a treat to see these two young lions put their skills into action. The contrast of styles made for an excellent match, Schischka was equipped with his amateur wrestling background and heavyweight ability while Fury possessed a Kickboxing background that blended into his Junior Heavyweight arsenal.

The two lions locked up and engaged in some serious mat wrestling which Schischka dominated using his forte in amateur wrestling. Fury eventually found a way to match his fellow lion: While Schischka held him in a headlock, Fury used his leg strength to push down on Schischka’s calf muscle allowing Fury to apply some of his mat wrestling skills. As both lions stood ready to lock up again, Schischka surprised Liam with a boot to the gut and a few strikes before choking him on the middle rope.

Fury had previously shared in an interview that he had suffered a back injury during his time at the NJPW Dojo. Schischka being aware of the injury deliberately targeted Fury’s back. Schischka, having the size advantage often got the best of the forearm strike exchange to which Fury countered with his Kickboxing strikes, dropkick and his signature sweep kick that followed with the standing moonsault. Fury tried on several occasions to pick Schischka over his head, but he could not. Fury reverted to his strengths which allowed him to gain the pinfall victory using a small package. After the match, the two young lions embraced in a hug.

Winner: Liam Fury

Andrew Villalobos and Michael Richards.

Michael Richards (Auckland, NZ) vs. Andrew Villalobos (Sydney, Australia):

Michael Richards and Andrew Villalobos have journeyed together since June 2018, having graduated from the Fale Dojo and the New Japan Dojo. During 2019, the Tasman duo wrestled each other at the second Exhibition event in May then teamed up at the NJPW ‘Southern Showdown’ tour of Australia.

Richards and Villalobos engaged in an intense lockup leading to some chain wrestling. Neither lion was ready to back down. Villalobos then gained control showing the most aggression that he’s ever shown. After charging at Richards in the corner with a back elbow, the Australian executed a damning body slam which he followed up with a knee drop. This gained an ovation from the audience. Villalobos continued to hold down Richards while applying a sleeper hold until Richards fought his way up and overtake his rival.

Richards hit his fellow graduate with a charging clothesline, as Villalobos got back up, Richards hit him with a European uppercut. Still, Villalobos refused to stay down, so Richards delivered a belly to back suplex. Villalobos the lion fought his way up, and Richards executed a neck breaker. Needing to ensure that Villalobos wouldn’t get back up, Richards applied a Boston crab. Villalobos fought desperately to hold on until he eventually tapped out, giving Michael Richards the victory.

Winner: Michael Richards

Michael Richards spoke on behalf of Fale Dojo. He thanked the crowd for attending the Exhibition event. Richards noted that the young lions were training six days a week and their matches demonstrated their training and sacrifice. Richards invited the students into the ring to end the evening with the traditional Japanese sending.

The next Fale Dojo Exhibition event will take place on November 16.

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