Fale’s Pride – Aaron Solow to Compete at New Japan Showdown in San Jose

Fale Dojo is excited for one of its graduates, Aaron Solow. The young lion will be wrestling at New Japan Pro Wrestling’s ‘Showdown’ event in California, USA. Solow will be competing on both nights of the tour;  November 9th in San Jose, and November 11th in Los Angeles. This is a special milestone for Solow who is a native of South San Francisco, California, as this occasion will mark his first NJPW appearance in the United States.

“I am very excited to wrestle for NJPW once again and I am even more excited because the event is so close to my home town of South San Francisco,” said Solow. “I am really looking forward to seeing how the Bay Area fans will react to all the New Japan wrestlers in person.”

Aaron Solow will team with the legendary Jyushin ‘Thunder’ Liger in a tag team match to go up against Toru Yano and Colt Cabana at Showdown in San Jose.

NJPW recently announced the launch of a new subsidiary in the US called New Japan Pro Wrestling of America. An event such as the upcoming ‘New Japan Showdown’ is central to NJPW’s presence in the US, much like the ‘G1 Supercard’ at New York’s Madison Square Garden, and the ‘G1 Climax’ held in Dallas, Texas this past July which Solow attended and featured New Japan star and Fale Dojo founder and Head Trainer, Toks ‘Bad Luck’ Fale, Solow explained.

“I attended the last NJPW show that was held in Dallas,” stated Solow, who has relocated to Austin, Texas for some time.

“I have watched the NJPW shows that were in California on AXS TV and on New Japan World, and from what I saw, I think that the NJPW fan base is strong and will continue to grow the more that NJPW is shown in California and the USA.”

Solow’s most recent appearance with New Japan was during the NJPW ‘Southern Showdown’ tour of Australia where he competed on both nights in Melbourne and Sydney. “Since Southern Showdown I have been training a lot,” said the young lion. “I have been training at the Onnit Gym here in Austin, Texas nonstop and have also incorporated the training I’ve learned at the Fale Dojo into my daily routine.”

“After graduating from Fale Dojo it has helped the way I see and think about pro wrestling,” he added. “Fale Dojo has opened up some opportunities with NJPW for me which I am certain I would not have received had I not graduated from the Dojo.”

Aaron Solow vs. Liam Fury – Fale Dojo Exhibition #1.

During his training at Fale Dojo in the February Intake, Aaron Solow competed in the main event at the first two Fale Dojo Exhibition events. Throughout his training, Solow showed great character in his drive to excel, his humility and respect for others, and his tremendous experience and leadership. Such qualities will be beneficial to New Japan Pro Wrestling as they work to expand their presence in the United States.

In his closing comments, Aaron Solow, a proud Fale Dojo graduate, and Senpai addressed the young lions from the 2019 September intake as they train in preparation for the Fale Dojo Exhibition #4 event on November 16th.

“I encourage the young lions at Fale Dojo to work hard and trust the process,” Solow advised. “I would love to come back to New Zealand sometime!”

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