Fale Dojo interview with Trainer, Gina Gee

Gina Gee is the first female trainer to join the Fale Dojo coaching staff. Gina brings her remarkable background and experience in combat fighting, adding significant skills and knowledge to the young lions’ three-month professional wrestling course. Gina also teaches her popular box fit and kickboxing classes to the general public.

Born to a European father and Tongan mother, Gina and her siblings were ingrained in sports, culture and family. Inspired by their grandfather and father who were boxers (her father also winning championships in Australia), Gina and her brothers naturally followed in their footsteps.

“My dad used to box, and my brothers are all athletes. My brothers also represented New Zealand,” said Gina. “I always loved fighting. I liked kickboxing, but I also played rugby, netball, basketball, water polo and hockey.”

Gina was passionate about pursuing combat sports despite her mother’s well-meaning concerns for Gina being one of two daughters. However, Gina began to commit intently to fighting when she got older: “I started training in boxing after I had my last baby,” she shared. “I was boxing in the women’s classes just to get fit. Eventually, the coach asked if I was keen to have a boxing fight, and I said yes.”

Gina and her children relocated to Australia where she mastered her combat skills, winning several major championships.

“I competed in amateur boxing and won a few titles in Queensland,” Gina revealed. “I managed to win the Australian Golden Gloves title, the Queensland State title and the South-East Queensland title.”

Gina traveled further abroad to the fight capital of the world, gaining more accolades.

“I had a kickboxing fight in Las Vegas where I won the Wakko North American title.”

Having already made her mark on the international stage, Gina endeavoured on a new journey. She moved her family to Fanga, Nukualofa in Tonga, where she sought to give her children a valuable and life-changing discovery of their heritage.

“We moved back to New Zealand, but I wanted to take my kids to Tonga to experience living there,” she explained. “More importantly getting to know their roots, we did that for a year.”

Upon returning to New Zealand, Gina became a sought after combat trainer, teaching at various locations around Auckland. Gina eventually came in contact with Fale Dojo.

“Arthur Papali’i [Fale Dojo mainstay] used to be one of my students, and he approached me about whether I would be interested in teaching some classes at Fale Dojo,” Gina recalled. “With Arthur’s recommendation, I began discussions with Toks Fale and Mark Tui about becoming a trainer at the Dojo.”

Gina’s family values and respect for her culture aligns with the Fale Dojo’s values, making this an excellent partnership. As a mother of five children, it is a natural instinct for Gina to want to invest her time and skills into the youth and sees it as a long term ambition to create a training programme specifically aimed at the youth who wish to train and improve their skills.

“I want to show my kids that you can achieve anything, as long as you put the work in,” Gina stated in closing.

“I’d like to slowly incorporate some boxing programmes at Fale Dojo for the youth and especially for young teenage girls, and bring some nice positive energy.”

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